“Digital” Slide Duplicator

Code no: 6506

Designed for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and digital compacts with front lens thread.
Not suited for use with macro lenses.
Attaches to the filter thread of the lens. 52 mm connecting thread. 58 mm adapter ring included.

Detachable achromatic 10 dioptre macro lens, can also be used separately.

Full size copies with following focal length range:
Full-framce sensor (35 mm): approx. 80-120 mm
APS-C-type sensor: approx. 50-80 mm
Micro-Four-Thirds sensor: approx. 40-60 mm

Larger frames require higher focal length.

Includes holder for two 35 mm slides up to a mount thickness of 3 mm.
Length: approx. 125 mm (4.9 in.)

Suitable adapter rings:

6561: 55-52 mm
6565: 58-52 mm (included)
6569: 62-58 mm
6573: 67-58 mm
6576: 72-58 mm
6578: 77-58 mm


6507 - Film Strip Carrier

2453 - "slimlite plano" LED light box 22 x 16 cm

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