RS 1 Copy Stand with RA 1 camera arm

Code no: 5510

Non-reflecting matt gray base board with printed fine grid. Feet adjustable in height. Spirit level in column base. Extra-wide and extremely vibration-resistant column of dull black anodized aluminium tubing with cm and inch scales. Hand crank-operated height adjustment by friction drive on plastic bearings. Weight compensation by roll-off spring mechanism. Column can be mounted rotated 180°.

Base board: approx. 450 x 500 x 28 mm (17.7 x 19.7 x 1.1 in.)
Column height: approx. 1000 mm (39.4 in.)

5511: RS 1 Camera Stand 

with RT 1 copy and titling arm with two camera mounting points for portrait and landscape formats.
Mounting the camera on the inside of the camera carrier for landscape format produces images which are not upside-down. This is very convenient for comic, animation and stop-motion films.
A parallel guide makes the camera platform longitudinally adjustable, and it can be locked in any position. The entire copy and titling arm is tiltable to allow for reproduction of vertical subjects.
With interchangeable ¼”/1/8” connecting thread.
Maximum load: 3 kg.

5510: RS 1 Camera Stand 
with RA 1 camera arm with interchangeable threaded bush 1/4”/ 3/8” and camera adjustment device.
Maximum load: 4 kg (8.8 lbs.)

5507: RS 1 "microdrive" Camera Stand 
Same as RS 1 Camera Stand (5510), but with hand-cranked, rack-and-pinion height adjustment, additionally counter-balanced by a built-in scroll spring. Additional fine drive with 1:6 step-down transmission for super-fine adjustment. Locking screw prevents inadvertent changing of the adjusted height.

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