ACAM-P04H, Multifunctional paracord hand strap

Code no: 814623

Multifunctional paracord straps suitable for an outdoor lifestyle and boasting a range of fun and eclectic colours.

The high quality material and five different color variations allow the hand strap to be used in a more versatile way, including as a camera, mobile or smartphone strap and as a key holder.

Like the paracord strap ACAM-P25 and ACAM-P25H, this product features a Celtic knot button centered in the loop. This adds charm to the design and enhances traction on the wrist.

Another key feature is the polished brass ring engraved with the A&A logo, which is designed to adjust the width of the loop and securely keep it in place.

Over time, the straps will slightly change their color, specific to their user and experiences. Depending on the environment and the frequency of use, the color of the strap will develop in a unique way to reflect its journey. 

Weight: 7g
Body Size: L235mm
Material: Parachute cord (nylon), acrylic, cow leather, brass
Country of Origin: Made in Japan

814623|ACAM-P04H BKBL, black/blue
814624|ACAM-P04H CAM, camouflage
814625|ACAM-P04H REBK, red/black
814626|ACAM-P04H YLBK, yellow/black
814627|ACAM-P04H PKWH, pink/white

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