ACAM-BS0003 BKGY, Basalt Sling Bag, black/grey

Code no: 814339

Targeting camera users who enjoy photography in their everyday life, we felt the passion to develop camera bags which suit the urban lifestyle. This new bag design is simple, smart, stripped down of unnecessary parts and fully loaded with functionality. What we have accomplished is a new lineup that is unprecedented from the conventional Artisan&Artist’s bag design.

The series name “Basalt” is taken from the volcanic rock formed when lava cools off. Inside the slick external design like basalt with a composed appearance, this series contains all our passion from the product development period as well as being loaded with lots of useful

In order to realize a fine-quality texture similar to the interior of luxury cars, synthetic leather which is light, resistant against water, and deteriorates less over time, was chosen as the main material for this series. Furthermore, a high-density cushion material called “EVA foam” was used to protect the equipment. The practical details as in the fit feel when carrying the bag on one’s back and ease of taking the equipment out, were designed by going through many trials and tests. By procuring the carefully-selected materials in Japan and handling the production overseas, we realized a product line-up with excellent cost-efficiency making it affordable also for the entry-level segment while maintaining the same level of functionality, design, and high-quality feel as our conventional line-up of camera bags.

Sling-type camera bag with an external design that blends in with the urban setting, and functionality focused on ease of taking out the camera and comfort when carried on the user’s back, for taking

Weight: 580g
Body Size: W290×H180×D130mm
Material: PVC Leather/Nylon Nylon (Inner)
Country of Origin: Designed by ARTISAN&ARTIST* in Japan Made in China

Suitable for: SLR with Lens × 1, Standard Lens × 1

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