Kinetronics Film Cleaner 709070, 719070-265

Code no: 709070

The anti-static film cleaner KineStat (KS) cleans the surfaces and undersides of films, negatives and slides in one cleaning process. Three brushes with conductive fibers conduct electrostatic charges through a grounding cable to discharge them, and also remove dust and lint. Stable steel frames for fixed mounting in dark rooms, on a minilab or a film projector. Two sizes available.

The anti-static film cleaner Kine Stat Electric (KSE) has four brushes with electric conducting fibers that clean the film from both sides, removing dust and unwanted electrostatic charges. Between the two wide brushes an electric ventilator blows the neutralized dust particles off the surface of the film. The air that is sucked in is cleaned by an exchangeable, very fine filter, so that no new dirt can get onto the film. Stable steel frame with magnetic holder. Dirty brushes can be washed. Three sizes available.

KS-070: Film 120/620, 70 mm / 2.8"     709070
KSE-070: Film 120/620, 70 mm / 2.8"  719070
KSE-100: 4 x 5", 100 mm / 4"              719100
KSE-200: 8 x 10", 200 mm / 8"            719200

A265-50: KSE-Filter (50 pcs.)              719265  

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