NANLITE LS-FL-T12 Floor Stand

Code no: 3858

For vertical setup of a PavoTube II 15X(R)/30X(R) or PavoTube (II) 15C/30C tube light. Also suitable for other tube lights with T12 diameter.

Consisting of two parts: tripod base and light holder with two tube clips for a secure hold.

With opening for control elements and display of a PavoTube II X(R) tube light.

DMX and power connection socket of the light remain freely accessible.

Sturdy metal design.

Height: approx. 37 cm (14.6 in.)
Weight: approx. 960 g (2.1 lbs.)

The tripod base can also be used separately. With 1/4" connection thread and knurled disc as a lock nut. Compactly foldable. Height (without connection thread): approx. 4.6 cm (1.8 in.), length (folded): approx. 26 cm (10.2 in.).

The light holder can be attached to other suitable stands and fixtures with 1/4" connection thread.

Subject to errors and technical changes.

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