NANLITE BD-PTII30X+EC Barn Doors Attachment

Code no: 3735

Fabric barn doors attachment for PavoTube II X(R) tube light, with two barn doors for direct-aim lighting.

Angle of radiation can be adjusted continuously.

Mounts to the light with the two included tube clips.

Opening on the back for easy access to the controls of the light, can be closed by a cover with Velcro.

Additional opening for holding the light or for mounting on a light stand.

A fabric honeycomb included in the scope of delivery can be attached between the barn doors. It adds directionality to the light and reduces spill light.

Incl. protective bag.

3734: BD-PTII15X+EC Barn Doors Attachment, for PavoTube II 15X(R) tube light

3735: BD-PTII30X+EC Barn Doors Attachment, for PavoTube II 30X(R) tube light

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