PL 360 Vario LED Soft Light

Code no: 3472

Bi-color panel light for even and soft illumination with photo and video shots.

Specially selected high CRI (CRI=95) LEDs provide for flicker-free illumination without residual ripple and without IR and UV content. Very low heat radiation.

Light output can be dimmed continuously. Color temperature can be adjusted continuously from 3200 K (warm-white/artificial light) to 5600 K (daylight/neutral color rendering).

Master control: Light output and color temperature of up to 16 lighting units can be controlled synchronously via controller cables.

Light can be tilted, detachable mounting bracket.

Light mounts to receiving hole for 28 mm standard spigot and - vertically or horizontally - on suitable stands and fixtures with 16 mm standard spigot. 1/4” connecting  threads on top and bottom side of the light for mounting on suitable stands/fixtures when the mounting bracket is removed.

Multiple lights can be combined space-saving on top of each other using special connecting pieces.

Standard operation via the included mains adapter or with dedicated rechargeable batteries (not included). With battery operation the light will shut off automatically at low voltage to avoid deep discharge or battery damage.

Scope of supply: lighting unit, mains adapter, detachable diffuser screen, controller cable and two connecting pieces.

3472: PL 360 Vario
LED panel: 360 LEDs
Color Rendering Index: CRI= 95
Color temperature (adjustable): 3200-5600 K
Illuminating surface: 26 x 26 cm  (10.2 x 10.2 in.)
Illuminance: 2570 lux at 1 m (3 feet) and 50° angle of radiation
Power consumption: 30 watt
Operating voltage: 10 - 18 v DC
Battery operation with V mount battery
Supplementary equipment (included): Clear front screen for LED protection
Dimensions (including mounting bracket): 35 x 37.5 x 6.5 cm (13.8 x 14.8 x 2.6 in.)
Weight: 1.68 kg (59.2 oz)
mains adapter: Input 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
                         Output 12V, 4.0A


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Subject to errors and technical changes.

This product is marketed for the purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for use in other applications.

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