Vario Greyfilter ND2x – ND400x 15437

Code no: 15437

Neutral Grey or Neutral Density filters for variably reducing high brightness, extending exposure time and intentionally reducing the depth of field. Exposure factor 2 to 400*.

Especially suitable as a fader for video shots with DSLR, mirrorless camera or camcorder, if with open aperture (shallow depth of field) a specified shutter speed/frames per second rate (fps) is required.

Rotating the front ring (ranging from "Min" to "Max") reduces incidental light by 2 to 8 aperture increments. No vignetting with lenses of approx. 28 mm focal length and higher referred to full-frame.

Light metal alloy with front thread.
Comes with a lens cap, micro fibre cleaning cloth and pouch.


 Code no mounting thread (mm) lens cap (mm)
 15437   37 mm 46 mm


* As with the most variable neutral density filters an attenuation of more than 5 stops (increase of exposure time above 32x) can result in a blue-violet colour cast. An attenuation of more than 7 stops (increase of exposure time above 128x) can produce cruciform shadings when a wide-angle lens is used.

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