UV Filter MC Lotus 10237-10282

Code no: 10237

Colourless filters absorb short ultra-violet wavelengths and so reduce haze, avoid blurring, improve contrast and reduce the formation of colour fringes. Can be used as a permanent lens protector.

Slimline light alloy mount with front thread. Six-layer multi-coating on both sides. Water repellent lotus effect. Blackened at the lens edge to prevent glare effects. Comes in filter box.

 Code no Diameter ø
 10237 37 mm
 10240 40,5 mm
 10246 46 mm
 10249 49 mm
 10255 55 mm
 10262 62 mm
 10267 67 mm
 10272 72 mm
 10277 77 mm
 10282 82 mm

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