Kaiser Copylizer Reloaded – now Featuring LED Technique

16. Mai 2020

Copylizer LED
LED Leuchtgrudplatte
Aluminiumgehäuse LED Beleuchtung

The eVision exe.cutive LED stand can be used with as well as without the suitable surface lighting unit. The stand has a 100 cm (3 feet) high vibration-resistant column made of matte black anodized aluminum tubing. Height adjustment of the camera arm is accomplished by a durable friction drive supported by a weight compensation. The camera arm can be shifted horizontally hence the camera will be positioned centered above the base plate irrespective of the body size.

can be dimmed continuously (maximum brightness is 8300 cd/m2). The daylight-type LEDs feature a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin and a high color rendition index of CRI=95.

LED boards specifically designed for Kaiser Fototechnik now enhance the size of the viable illuminated area to 50 x 36 cm (19.7 x 14.2 in.). This allows for trans-illuminating large transparent originals like large format slides, X-rays, drawings and other transparent subjects or for silhouetting three-dimensional objects. For locking large transparent originals into position Kaiser offers a swiveling pressure plate made of optical glass as an accessory. As a protection of the illumina base board and for attaching and adjusting non-transparent originals a metal plate with magnetic holders and a printed grid is available. The illumina base board is also available individually and can be equipped with any column of the R1 copy system.

Kaiser has also designed the new RB 520 AS surface lighting unit, that suits exactly the LED transmitted light source. The two light banks can be dimmed individually or together. 200 SMD LEDs in each of the light banks have exactly the same color temperature and color rendition index as the ones in the illumina base board.

The maximum illuminance, based on the homogeneous illumination of a 11 x 16 inch original, is approximately 5000 lux with the detachable diffusor screens mounted to the light banks. The newly designed light housings are made of a self-supporting and heat dissipating section tube. Dimmer control and an easy to read display are located at the front.

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