Computer control available for Kaiser rePRO-System RSP

14. Nov 2022

The new professional RSP autoDrive 1.5 column supports efficient digitisation of two- and three-dimensional originals.

autoDrive 1.5
Software autoDrive 1.5

Since the introduction of the professional rePRO system RSP, users in museums, archives, libraries, educational and research institutions, but also in industry, have come to appreciate the precise motorised height adjustment of these copy stands by means of a cable remote control in two selectable speed levels. The sizes of the objects to be captured range from 35mm film to glass negatives, manuscripts, books and cartographical material to research objects and parts from industrial production in a wide variety of dimensions.

Since cameras today are often no longer operated on the copy stand, but are controlled via a computer, and because different original sizes are used repeatedly, Kaiser Fototechnik has expanded its successful RSP series to include a 150 cm long column with computer-controlled height adjustment and the "Kaiser autoDrive" control software. The height adjustment of the camera support is here carried out via a controller on the screen, optionally from very fast to extremely sensitive.

The remarkable advantage, however, is that once height positions have been determined, they can be saved in the programme and, if required, retrieved again with a repeat accuracy of approx. 1/100 millimetre. Up to 500 so-called projects can be created. Among other things, the user can enter the project name, camera, lens, focal length, original size (10x15 cm, DIN A3, newspaper format) and the position of the original level (base board, original support). If different camera and lens combinations with alternating original sizes and several users are entered, a large number of projects can be quickly obtained.

With the intuitive user interface, projects can not only be saved and retrieved, but also newly created, copied, edited, deleted and sorted by input parameters.

In addition to the height position of the camera carrier, the brightness of the optional RB 570 AX LED lighting unit can also be controlled and saved.

The scope of supply also includes the familiar cable remote control for control without a computer, but now with the additional option of storing four height positions.

The horizontal adjustment of the camera carrier is done via a strong parallel guide with a long-life rack and pinion mechanism. A fine drive is now used for precise alignment of the camera mounting plate.

The Kaiser RSP autoDrive 1.5 column can be mounted with the wall bracket as well as on the floor stand of the rePRO system. A higher floor stand 75H is now available for convenient working in a sitting or standing position.

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