Kaiser FilmCopy Vario

10. Sep 2020

Effective Analog-to-Digital Conversion with your own Camera

FilmCopy Vario
FilmCopy dia MF

High quality pictures and memorable photos have been captured on film in the past. Now slides and black-and-white or colour negative film await to be digitized. These days you will no longer need a special scanner for this purpose. You can use your own camera equipped with a close up device, for example a macro lens.

In addition you will need a stable holding device for slides and negative film of various formats, and that is what the new Kaiser FilmCopy Vario delivers, based on Kaiser's vast knowledge of processing flat film material. In combination with a copy stand or a suitable tripod and a backlight you will easily produce replicable results.

The FilmCopy Vario comprises a film carrier, an insert for mounted 35 mm slides and a pair of format masks for negative strips and uncut 35 mm slide film strips. An extensive range of easy-to-change format masks and glass inserts for further film formats (4.5 x 6 cm, 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 7 cm, 6 x 9 cm and 24 x 66 mm panoramic format) is available as accessories. The special FilmCopy Dia MF is designed for copying mounted 4.5 x 6 and 6 x 6 slides and includes therefor a separate holding device.

Adjustable guide pins for various film widths are useful positioning aids when digitizing uncut film strips.

Also included is an overlay mat sized 254 x 201 mm, that blocks stray light from a light box to get in the light path of the lens.

You may use the FilmCopy Vario with an existing light box. Users without a suitable back light source at hand may go for the FilmCopy Vario Kit that includes an additional slimlite daylight light box (CRI=95) featuring a 22 x 16 cm evenly illuminated area.

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