"Action Strap" Sling Camera Strap

"Action Strap" Sling Camera Strap

Code No.: 6760

Fast access strap for DSLRs, compact system cameras and bridge cameras. Allows for safe and convenient carrying and fast and easy access for shooting.

Ergonomic fit, runs diagonally across breast and back. 6 cm (2.4 in.) wide padded Neoprene shoulder rest with non-slip layer, quick release lock with 120° swivel-joint providing for a comfortable fit at the chest area. Additional tether strap, running under the armpit, to keep main strap in position, especially during fast moves.

Coupling piece for attaching to the tripod thread of the camera without need of tools. Coupling piece with threefold secured locking element; allows for sliding of the camera along the strap. Camera freely rotatable.

Two sliding stops allow for placing the camera in any desired position, e.g. on the back when riding a bike, on the hip during a photo tour or on the chest when skiing.

Max. load: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

Length of strap can be adjusted up to 162 cm (63.8 in.).


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