NanGuang 900CSA 2-Kit LED Lighting Kit

NanGuang 900CSA 2-Kit LED Lighting Kit

Code No.: 3645

Portable lighting system for product shots, portrait, photo and video shooting.

Consists of:

2 Nanguang 900CSA LED Soft Lights (3642)
each with 900 LEDs (CRI = 95), two separate dimmers for 3200 and 5600 Kelvin LEDs, built-in radio receiver, swiveling mounting bracket, four large barn doors, mains adapter and mains adapter support, diffusor screen, soft screen, blue filter and case for two screens


2 Compact 175 Light Stands
with three leveling legs, four-section center column, 16 mm standard spigot and 1/4” connecting thread.
Setting height: approx. 45-175 cm (17.7-68.9 in.)
Pack size: approx. 50 cm (19.7 in.)
Max. load: approx. 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Weight: approx. 1270 g (2.8 lbs)

altogether in a convenient carrying case.

This product is marketed for the primary purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for household lighting.


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