NanGuang Mixpad 41 4-in-1 LED Camera Light

Extremely slim LED camera light (only 24 mm / 0.9 in.) with four illumination modes: diffused glare-free daylight, diffused glare-free artificial light, directed daylight and directed artificial light (4-in-1). Color temperature can be adjusted from 3200 Kelvin (artificial light/warm-white) up to 5600 Kelvin (daylight/neutral color rendition). Comes with lithium-ion battery and charger.

For photo and video shots with digital cameras and video cameras/camcorders. The glare-free light is particularly suitable for portrait, interview, YouTube video blog, still life, tabletop and macro shots.

Directed light uses 336 High-CRI LEDs (CRI = 95) with adapter lenses distributed across the 14.7 x 9.5 cm (5.8 x 3.7 in.) lighting panel providing high illuminance and a wide range.
Diffused glare-free light uses 104 SMD LEDs (CRI = 95) located in the panel frame and a specially textured diffusor screen providing a soft, wide-angle illumination.

Maximum illuminance at 1 m (3 ft.) distance with directed light: 760 lux with 60° angle of radiation (half-value angle), with glare-free light: 130 lux with a particularly wide 140° angle of radiation. Continuously dimmable.

Digital display shows setting of brightness, color temperature, radio channel, illumination mode (glare-free or directed light) and battery charge condition.

Power supply via the included Sony type NP-F lithium-ion battery or the optional mains adapter (code no. 3281).

Steplessly adjustable swivel joint with mounting foot for a hot shoe and with 1/4” tripod thread.

A built-in radio receiver allows for a wireless control of brightness and color temperature (remote control 3640 is available as an accessory). 100 radio channels selectable.

Scope of supply: lighting unit, KNP-F550 lithium-ion battery, charger.


Light source
with directed light: 336 High-CRI LEDs
with glare-free light: 104 High-CRI SMD LEDs

Color temperature: 3200 – 5600 Kelvin (adjustable)
Color rendition index: CRI = 95

Max. illumination
with directed light: 760 lux (at 1 m / 3 ft.)
with glare-free light: 130 lux (at 1 m / 3 ft.)

Angle of radiation
with directed light: 60°
with glare-free light: 140°

Panel size: 14.7 x 9.5 cm (5.8 x 3.7 in.)
Operating voltage: DC 7.2 - 15 V
Power consumption: 10 W
LED total power: 41 W
Lithium ion battery: KNP-F550, 2000 mAh

Operating time with KNP-F550 battery: approx. 100 minutes at full power (longer if dimmed down)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 170 x 163 x 24-32 mm (6.7 x 6.4 x 0.9-1.3 in.) (with swivel joint)

w/o battery: 320 g (11.3 oz.)
with battery: 415 g (14.6 oz.)

Input: AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 8.4 V, 600 mA

Charging time for supplied battery: max. 5 hours

This product is marketed for the primary purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for household lighting.


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