PL5600 LED Studio Light

Daylight-type LED studio light for soft and even illumination. Features 504 high CRI LEDs in an elegant and space-saving housing.

For photo and video shots with digital cameras and video cameras/camcorders. Particularly suitable for portrait, interview, YouTube video blogs, still life, product and passport photographs or together with the TopTable XL Vario (5840) or TopTable PRO (5921) shooting tables.

40 x 55 cm (15.7 x 21.7 in.) panel with diffusor screen. Includes an additional fabric diffusor for even softer illumination. Fabric diffusor mounts in front of the diffusor screen using distance pieces.

Excellent lighting quality by employing selected LEDs with a high color rendition index (CRI) of 95. Flicker-free light, free from infrared and UV content. 5600 Kelvin color temperature (daylight/neutral color rendition).

2300 lux maximum illuminance at 1 m (3 ft.) distance and particularly wide 110° angle of radiation (half-value angle). Continuously dimmable from 10 to 100%.

Light can be tilted steplessly forward and backward by 90°, swivel joint with receptacle for mounting on suitable stands and fixtures with 16 mm (5/8”) standard spigot.

Mains operated, mains lead included.

Scope of supply: lighting unit, mains lead, fabric diffusor, four distance pieces for fabric diffusor.


LED panel: 504 High-CRI-LEDs
Color rendition index: CRI = 95
Color temperature: 5600 Kelvin
Max. illumination: 2300 lux (at 1 m/3 ft)
Angle of radiation (half value angle): 110°
Panel size: 40 x 55 cm (15.7 x 21.7 in)
Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V
Power consumption: 100 W
Fuse: F 4 A
Dimensions (WxHxD): 400 x 650 x 30-50 mm (15.7 x 25.6 x 1.2-2.0 in) (with swivel joint)
Weight: approx. 3 kg (6.6 lbs)

This product is marketed for the primary purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for household lighting.


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