Greyfilter ND 3.0 / 1000x

Greyfilter ND 3.0 / 1000x

Code No.: 15552

Neutral Grey or Neutral Density filters for strong reduction of high brightness, extending exposure time and intentionally reducing the depth of field. Exposure factor 1000x (10 f-stops).

No vignetting with lenses of approx. 28 mm focal length and higher referred to full-frame (APS-C approx 19 mm, mFT approx. 14 mm).

Light metal alloy with front thread.
Comes with micro fibre cleaning cloth, pouch and filter adapter ring.

Code no. mounting
adapter ring
15552 52 mm 49 mm
15558 58 mm 55 mm
15567 67 mm 62 mm
15577 77 mm 72 mm


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