Vivicap: White Balance Made Easy


Kaiser Fototechnik has just introduced Vivcap, a small accessory that helps to make custom white balance quick and easy. It can also serve as a lens cover.

White balance with digital cameras is not without its problems. The automatic white balance of the camera often works only within a certain range of the colour temperature. And even the pre-sets available in the camera menu do not always give a satisfactory result. In complicated light conditions, and especially mixed light situations, it makes sense to do a manual white balance.

The Vivicap white balance filters concentrate and filter incident light resulting in a neutral grey area with uniform light distribution facing the lens. This effect is achieved by a special surface structure with microprisms.

The basic operation is quite easy: Vivicap is mounted to the camera’s lens and the focus mode is set to “Manual”. Depending on the camera’s user concept you Vivicap filter on lenschoose either “Custom” or “Direct measurement”. Now direct the lens to the main light source – in mixed light situations to the subject – and store the value measured. Remove Vivicap from the lens and shoot using the stored value as a reference.

Attaching and detaching the white balance filter can be done very quickly because it locks into the filter thread. The filter, that can also serve as a lens cap, has two handle bars that make it easy to attach it even when a lens hood is mounted.

Vivicap is available in seven diameters according to the common filter threads from 52 to 77 mm.

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