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Kaiser Copylizer Reloaded – now Featuring LED Technique

Copylizer LED

The time-tested reflected/transmitted light/stand combination for photographic capturing of two- and three-dimensional originals is now available as an LED-equipped version. The eVision exe.cutive LED stand can be used with as well as without the suitable surface lighting unit. The stand has a 100 cm (3 feet) high vibration-resistant column made of matte black anodized aluminum tubing. Height adjustment of the camera arm is accomplished by a durable friction drive supported by a weight compensation. The camera arm can be shifted horizontally hence the camera will be positioned centered above the base plate irrespective of the body size.

can be dimmed continuously (maximum brightness is 8300 cd/m2). The daylight-type LEDs feature a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin and a high color rendition index of CRI=95.

Copylizer LED

LED boards specifically designed for Kaiser Fototechnik now enhance the size of the viable illuminated area to 50 x 36 cm (19.7 x 14.2 in.). This allows for trans-illuminating large transparent originals like large format slides, X-rays, drawings and other transparent subjects or for silhouetting three-dimensional objects. For locking large transparent originals into position Kaiser offers a swiveling pressure plate made of optical glass as an accessory. As a protection of the illumina base board and for attaching and adjusting non-transparent originals a metal plate with magnetic holders and a printed grid is available. The illumina base board is also available individually and can be equipped with any column of the R1 copy system.

Kaiser has also designed the new RB 520 AS surface lighting unit, that suits exactly the LED transmitted light source. The two light banks can be dimmed individually or together. 200 SMD LEDs in each of the light banks have exactly the same color temperature and color rendition index as the ones in the illumina base board.

Copylizer LED

The maximum illuminance, based on the homogeneous illumination of a 11 x 16 inch original, is approximately 5000 lux with the detachable diffusor screens mounted to the light banks. The newly designed light housings are made of a self-supporting and heat dissipating section tube. Dimmer control and an easy to read display are located at the front.

Universal Lighting Concept - Kaiser and Hensel introduce the CopyOne Flash and Continuous Light System


There is a growing demand for digital transfers of analogue originals. At the same time there are increasing requirements on the quality of such reproductions. Many of these printed, plotted, exposed or written originals cannot be scanned, but have to be captured by photographic methods. To meet the increased requirements with respect to image capturing, German manufacturers and light specialists Kaiser Fototechnik and Hensel Visit have developed the CopyOne copy light system.

It can be operated with almost any of the current and many of the older Hensel flash generators and can be attached to the Kaiser rePRO and RD system copy stands.

The lamp heads of the CopyOne system feature flash light and continuous light with 5400 Kelvin daylight quality and thus combine the advantages of both these illumination techniques.


The high light intensity with flash light mode provides for short exposure times without camera shake and eliminates the impact of distracting light sources. The maximum flash power is 1200 Ws, the setting range is up to 8 f-stops depending on the respective generator.

The continuous light mode can be used for video and photo shots. Furthermore the LEDs (CRI=95) serve as a setting light with flash operation and are dimmed proportionately to the flash light. The maximum illuminance of the LEDs is approximately 2000 lux based on a preferably homogeneous illumination of a 11 x 16 inch original. A diffusor screen attached to the front together with the oblong design provides for the uniform light distribution and the original is not exposed to a thermal load.


Both lamp heads of the CopyOne Repro-Kit lighting unit can be shifted and tilted. They are mounted on lamp arms that can be tilted and adjusted continuously in height. The sturdy clamp bases of the lamp arms con be attached to baseboards up to 55 mm thickness. The lamp heads can be used separately and mounted on lamp stands via a 3/8“ connecting thread for portrait, product or table top photography. For use with these applications only, the lamp heads are also available individually without the lamp arms. For directed light guidance barn doors are available as an accessory

The CopyOne lamp heads can be supplied as single heads or as a complete lighting system, the CopyOne Repro-Kit, comprising two lamps heads and two lamp arms.

Effective Analog-to-Digital Conversion with your own Camera – Kaiser FilmCopy Vario

FilmCopy Vario

High quality pictures and memorable photos have been captured on film in the past. Now slides and black-and-white or colour negative film await to be digitized. These days you will no longer need a special scanner for this purpose. You can use your own camera equipped with a close up device, for example a macro lens.

In addition you will need a stable holding device for slides and negative film of various formats, and that is what the new Kaiser FilmCopy Vario delivers, based on Kaiser's vast knowledge of processing flat film material. In combination with a copy stand or a suitable tripod and a backlight you will easily produce replicable results.

The FilmCopy Vario comprises a film carrier, an insert for mounted 35 mm slides and a pair of format masks for negative strips and uncut 35 mm slide film strips. An extensive range of easy-to-change format masks and glass inserts for further film formats (4.5 x 6 cm, 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 7 cm, 6 x 9 cm and 24 x 66 mm panoramic format) is available as accessories. The special FilmCopy Dia MF is designed for copying mounted 4.5 x 6 and 6 x 6 slides and includes therefor a separate holding device.

FilmCopy Vario

Adjustable guide pins for various film widths are useful positioning aids when digitizing uncut film strips.

Also included is an overlay mat sized 254 x 201 mm, that blocks stray light from a light box to get in the light path of the lens.

You may use the FilmCopy Vario with an existing light box. Users without a suitable back light source at hand may go for the FilmCopy Vario Kit that includes an additional slimlite daylight light box (CRI=95) featuring a 22 x 16 cm evenly illuminated area.

A Stand without Legs?

AutoFold Light Stands

This would be a tall tale, because it goes without saying that the new „AutoFold“ light stands from Kaiser need three legs for a safe stand on the ground. But only then! Lift it up, and the legs will collapse and nestle up against the center column. Now you can move the stand around without colliding with other equipment, doors or walls, or even your own or somebody else's legs. Changing the position of your lighting or flash unit in the studio or on location, like events, weddings or graduation ceremonies, is now possible without troubles.

When placed on the ground again, the legs will automatically fold apart and provide a safe stand. The lower ends of the legs and of the center column are equipped with plastic cushions for treating surfaces with care.

The center column is equipped with air cushion protecting the lights from shocks when assembling or disassembling your equipment. The reversible thread pin with 1/4 and 3/8 mounting threads can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

AutoFold Light Stand

The new stands with the clever folding mechanism are available in two sizes: The 4-section AutoFold S has a setting height of 78-240 cm (30.7-94.5 in.) and a pack size of 78 cm (30.7 in.). The maximum load is 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs). The larger 3-section AutoFold L can be set from 124 to 307 cm (48.8-120.9 in.), has a pack size of 121 cm (47.6 in.) and carries a maximum load of 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs).

Kaiser slimlite plano: Kaiser has flattened the light box

slimlite plano

With only 8 mm height Kaiser's new light boxes are no “boxes” any more. They are flat as a pancake, but feature perfect specifications for viewing, sorting and digitizing slides and other transparent originals. Their prime performance with respect to color rendition and uniform illumination are combined with compact design, various power supply possibilities and adjustable brightness.

slimlite plano

There are two different models with illuminated areas of 22 x 16 cm (8.7 x 6.3 in) and 32 x 23 cm (12.6 x 9.0 in) respectively. The latter version will also light complete archival sheets.

There are three options for the power supply: with the built-in lithium-ion battery, the combined mains/charging adapter included or the USB cable using a power bank, computer etc.

The 5000 Kelvin color temperature in connection with a 88 CRI color rendition index provides for precise color rendition for inspection and photographic reproduction of originals.

A short touch of the touch switch activates the light source, a longer touch changes brightness continuously.

All Purpose Maginfier

For the detailed inspection of originals a high-quality loupe is extremely helpful. Kaiser's All-Purpose Loupe with 4.5x magnification features a lens made of optical glass for a sharp and distortion-free image and a diopter adjustment for eyesight correction.

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Big and Flexible: Kaiser Introduces the TopTable XL Vario Shooting Table

TopTable XL Vario

Taking pictures of somewhat larger objects is often much easier when you use a suitable shooting table. The advantage compared with any provisional workaround is quite simply visible in your pictures.

The advantages are quite obvious: The smooth white background makes cropping with your image processing application much easier. In addition the concave-shaped backdrop gives you high flexibility with respect to the shooting perspective.

The vertical part of the background sweep can be adjusted in various angles of inclination from 90° to 150° (60° range). The backdrop is made of translucent acrylic glass with a matt non-reflecting surface. This is perfect for product shots for catalogs, for the internet, for still life and also for technical and scientific applications.

TopTable XL Vario

The overall dimensions of the Kaiser TopTable XL Vario are 116 x 151 x 138 cm (45.7 x 59.4 x 54.3 in) (WxHxD), the level work space is approx. 94 x 90 cm (37 x 35.4 in) and the vertical background is approx. 78 cm (30.7 in) high.

Assembling the table is quite simple because the connecting elements of the frame and the aluminum tubes are already pre-assembled. The scope of supply also comprises four lockable castors, so you can easily move the table to a desired place.

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Kaiser „Strobist“ Stand Set: Secure Hold for Off-Camera Flashes

Strobist set

When shoe mount flash units are used detached from the camera for off-camera flash shots, the photographer wants to set a special lighting course to achieve three-dimensional or spectacular images. Photographers who use this setup are often called “strobists”, and one of the questions often heard is where to put the flashguns.

Kaiser's “Strobist” stand set is the answer. Stored in a sturdy but slender carrying case there are two stands, two umbrellas and two swiveling joints. The stands have a three section center column and feature a setting height of 70 – 190 cm (27.6 in). The umbrellas can be used as a reflector or for shoot-through lighting due to a detachable black cover. The umbrealla diameter of 90 cm (35.4 in) enlarges the emitting surface of the flashgun for soft illumination.

The metal swiveling joints are tiltable in detents. They have a clamp mount for flashes or lighting units and an umbrella mount. They are also available separately.

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