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New MonoCR Wired Remote Switches

MonoCR Remote Switch

When shooting macro, using large telephoto lenses or with long exposure, the big advantage of a cable release – compared to the use of a self timer – is that you can choose when you press the button. A cable release is a “must have” and Kaiser has now extended their range of MonoCR releases of seven models by three additional versions for Samsung, Fujifilm and Sony cameras.

All MonoCR cable releases work the same way as your camera’s release button: Press the shutter button halfway to activate TTL metering and autofocus, press it down the rest of the way to take the photograph. The shutter button can be locked for long time exposures, a colored marking shows that the shutter is open. The coiled cord, with a maximum length of 50 cm (19.7 in.) can be detached and extended by 2 m (6.6 ft.) using the optional extension cord. More information

Kaiser slimlite plano: Kaiser has flattened the light box

slimlite plano

With only 8 mm height Kaiser's new light boxes are no “boxes” any more. They are flat as a pancake, but feature perfect specifications for viewing, sorting and digitizing slides and other transparent originals. Their prime performance with respect to color rendition and uniform illumination are combined with compact design, various power supply possibilities and adjustable brightness.

slimlite plano

There are two different models with illuminated areas of 22 x 16 cm (8.7 x 6.3 in) and 32 x 23 cm (12.6 x 9.0 in) respectively. The latter version will also light complete archival sheets.

There are three options for the power supply: with the built-in lithium-ion battery, the combined mains/charging adapter included or the USB cable using a power bank, computer etc.

The 5000 Kelvin color temperature in connection with a 88 CRI color rendition index provides for precise color rendition for inspection and photographic reproduction of originals.

A short touch of the touch switch activates the light source, a longer touch changes brightness continuously.

All Purpose Maginfier

For the detailed inspection of originals a high-quality loupe is extremely helpful. Kaiser's All-Purpose Loupe with 4.5x magnification features a lens made of optical glass for a sharp and distortion-free image and a diopter adjustment for eyesight correction.

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Big and Flexible: Kaiser Introduces the TopTable XL Vario Shooting Table

TopTable XL Vario

Taking pictures of somewhat larger objects is often much easier when you use a suitable shooting table. The advantage compared with any provisional workaround is quite simply visible in your pictures.

The advantages are quite obvious: The smooth white background makes cropping with your image processing application much easier. In addition the concave-shaped backdrop gives you high flexibility with respect to the shooting perspective.

The vertical part of the background sweep can be adjusted in various angles of inclination from 90° to 150° (60° range). The backdrop is made of translucent acrylic glass with a matt non-reflecting surface. This is perfect for product shots for catalogs, for the internet, for still life and also for technical and scientific applications.

TopTable XL Vario

The overall dimensions of the Kaiser TopTable XL Vario are 116 x 151 x 138 cm (45.7 x 59.4 x 54.3 in) (WxHxD), the level work space is approx. 94 x 90 cm (37 x 35.4 in) and the vertical background is approx. 78 cm (30.7 in) high.

Assembling the table is quite simple because the connecting elements of the frame and the aluminum tubes are already pre-assembled. The scope of supply also comprises four lockable castors, so you can easily move the table to a desired place.

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Kaiser „Strobist“ Stand Set: Secure Hold for Off-Camera Flashes

Strobist set

When shoe mount flash units are used detached from the camera for off-camera flash shots, the photographer wants to set a special lighting course to achieve three-dimensional or spectacular images. Photographers who use this setup are often called “strobists”, and one of the questions often heard is where to put the flashguns.

Kaiser's “Strobist” stand set is the answer. Stored in a sturdy but slender carrying case there are two stands, two umbrellas and two swiveling joints. The stands have a three section center column and feature a setting height of 70 – 190 cm (27.6 in). The umbrellas can be used as a reflector or for shoot-through lighting due to a detachable black cover. The umbrealla diameter of 90 cm (35.4 in) enlarges the emitting surface of the flashgun for soft illumination.

The metal swiveling joints are tiltable in detents. They have a clamp mount for flashes or lighting units and an umbrella mount. They are also available separately.

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